Don't Buy Black Salve until you read this!

Many different kinds of salve

Did you know there are many different kinds of salve?

There are salves to help you with many different kinds of skin ailments, and salves that will help you when you get Burns cuts scrapes and allergic rashes.

ch5-710x450For instance there is a salve that is called cayenne heat rub that is great for sore muscles and is also good for congestion you can rub the salve on your chest to help break up the congestion,

And also you can put the salve on your back or whatever part of your body hurts it does a great job of helping relieve the muscle pain.

There is also a salve called comfrey salve, comfrey salve is excellent for sunburns rashes and other skin ailments.

Many of you have also heard of black salve black, black salve is used for different kinds of skin problems and may also help with different kinds of skin cancer there are lots of debates about that EXTRA-710x473subject but you’ll have to do your own research on whether or not it really does help with any kind of cancer.

Cayenne heat rub salve is definitely one of my favorite though it has an awesome smell and so many different uses it can even help when you have cold feet or cold hands because it helps with circulation.

There are lots of different kinds of black salve as well there are really strong types of black salve and some types of black salve that are not as strong you have to be really careful with the strong types of black salve, those types of black salve are the ones with bloodroot in them they can burn your skin if you are not careful but they are also excellent for getting rid of things like moles and growths on the skin and so on.

Salves that contain comfrey have excellent healing properties, because comfrey is an amazing herb to help with that process.

comfrey is also great for taking internally you can grow comfrey plants in your own yard they actually grow very well and are easy to maintain and have very pretty flowers,

drawing salveI like to just use it for ground cover to, and it’s awesome to be able to go out and pick a couple of leaves off the plant and throw them in a shake, sounds little bit weird but it’s actually very good and is very good for you, well that’s a little off  the subject of salve but a good little tip.

I hope this helps you little bit with different kinds of salves leave a comment if you have any more questions.